TDP is an innovative business with the necessary experience and resources to support both large and small-scale programs. As a provider of specialized training and related services, TDP has created, delivered, and managed training and course development projects for some of the world’s leading organizations.
From custom software or process training, to leadership training, to mentor-protégé and partnership programs and career transition services, TDP is a focused full-service training company. With the unique combination of ingenuity, experience and dedication, TDP’s professional staff consistently delivers products and experiences that surpass client expectations.

Customized Training Development

User Adoption

Are you updating your business processes to enhance productivity?

Are you challenged by resistance to do things differently?

Are you implementing new software or other workplace productivity tools?

Do you have existing systems that aren’t being used to their full potential?

Do you have a structured plan in place to ensure you turn projected Return on Investment into reality?

Effective user adoption is the key element in ensuring optimal usage of business processes and systems to achieve ROI goals. TDP has a proven user adoption program. We’re ready to work with you to optimize your team’s productivity and meet or exceed your planned ROI.

TDP News and Events

As an active, thriving business, TDP regularly generates news/media recognition and takes part in industry-related events. Check out the News page to see what's been going on at TDP:

• Carolyn Walker on Evergreen Health Care

• TDP and U.S. Marine Corps Forge Collaboration...

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Mentor-Protege Program

Do have leaders who are nearing retirement or changing roles?

Do you need a structured succession management program?

TDP’s comprehensive mentor-protege program is built to ensure the successful transfer of key knowledge and skills to associates preparing to fill leadership roles in your organization.

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Partnership Program

Do you have to work collaboratively with other departments, agencies or companies to meet your objectives?

Could improved negotiation and collaboration skills increase your partnership productivity?

TDP’s effective partnership program is designed to develop and enhance the skills required to forge the collaborative working relationships required to achieve your goals.

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